Friday, February 17, 2012

Everything We Hated About Communism...

When challenged by peaceful assembly, they crush it so nimbly.

They censor the coverage by press with violence and arrest.
They're Commies!

They search without cause, and aggregate our thoughts.

Without trial they detain; inflict cruel and unusual pain.
They're Commies!

They deny the right to civil damages for all corporate ravages.

They grab private property; a pipelines for plutocracy.
They're Commies!

Their political theater is propaganda to distract us,

for, when all political power in a very few hands,
and the economy runs at their very command,

You have what communism always was in practice!


  1. Interesting poem. I think we hate communism because we have seen the horrors throughout the years. Perhaps we should be grateful for what we have and not condemn others for what is forced upon them. Just a thought. Great post.

  2. Agit8r, if your poem means that people use communism as an excuse for any devilish actions, i agree. for a certain extent, communism often is a scapegoat of humans ignorance. here is my understanding on communism:

    communism advocates "equality", but different from the equality of european liberalism (back to 18th &19; century) - an equality that essentially based on protect "difference", communism tried to literally kill "difference" - any differences from social classes to individual personalities. this of course no doubt led some greatest disasters in human history - the social structure were re-instructed by so called "revolutions" into only two classes: ruler and ruled. of course this ended the rulers take huge advantage.
    i believe the reason that communism could (only) be "practiced" in the much less advanced countries &cultures; was only because such utopian idea can only be used by a few hypocrites in order to fool ignorant majority. and i don't believe that communism can take place in capitalist countries where liberalism had already spread by earlier enlightenment philosophers, and also by the significant event like american and french revolution.

    1. Thanks. It isn't really about communism per se, but rather about those things that we were cautioned would happen here if "the commies" took over... and which are actively pursued now under the banner of "conservatism"

  3. Agit, I see the parallel you're drawing and of course tyranny is tyranny whatever name one gives it.




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