Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Hymn for Thanatos

Whatever it takes to make the grade; put it into yourself,
because Thanatos is your friend...

Don't be afraid to work, without concern for yourself!
Thanatos is your friend...

Earn enough, so you can drive a dead sexy fast ride,
because Thanatos is your friend...

No thought of consequence; spread your seed far and wide!
Thanatos is your friend...

No need to strap in, ride bareback instead!
You're a rodeo clown on an atomic warhead!
A true patriot! So American!
One nation under Thanatos! And if you're not in, you're a Red!

You can have the greenest lawn--a symbol of your power
Without any interloping, goddamned yellow flowers

Rub it in your neighbor's face, he's your competition.
You're fulfilling capitalism's sacred mission.

And Thanatos... is oh, so pleased with you!

Your children roll around in grass doused with toxin,
but just take them to the church that the rest of the flock's in.
Take that two hour dose of banality,
a sure-fire cure for fear of reality!

Thanatos is your friend...

Curse the different folks, because of their lifestyles,
but don't question why the sheep are so fat.
You'll understand if you believe with a smile,
Thanatos just likes them like that.

He'll soon bring us home, he promises,
and the way we live--no time at all
You too can have that personal relationship,
and soon you'll hear Thanatos' call...

Because Thanatos is your friend!
Oh, yes, tell it brother!
Thanatos is your friend!
Thanatos is your friend!
The End!



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