Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Straining the Gnat

It is shocking to me that so many that condemn "degrading" sexual behaviors simultaneously harbor a desire for dominance-based society that could only be described as sexual. In the animal kingdom sexuality is based upon the diffusion of DNA, and the actions of the victorious male lion to tear the cubs of a conquered male to shreds in order to procreate with the slain male's mate are simply part of the animal sexual experience. So to in a sexualized society--so based on the hierarchy of the dominant force over degraded submission--the various violent excesses, the material fetishism, the desire for peer affirmation are all part of the sexual experience as well. The great animal instinct to promote ones DNA at the expense the hallmark of such a society, and is at the heart of the great bulk of human degradation. As such it is plain to me that such a society is based wholly on sexual degradation:

The need to show dominance over one's meek or unorthodox fellows is sexual degradation

The perversion of justice is sexual degradation

The fetishism of conspicuous consumption is sexual degradation

The ravages of military belligerence are sexual degradation

Quiet submission to a global policy of genocide is sexual degradation

Having explored this, I must conclude that it is better for the individual to confine one's desires, kinks and quirks to the privacy of one's domestic solitude, rather than expressing them through one's many societal interactions.



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