Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Straining the Gnat

It is shocking to me that so many that condemn "degrading" sexual behaviors simultaneously harbor a desire for dominance-based society that could only be described as sexual. In the animal kingdom sexuality is based upon the diffusion of DNA, and the actions of the victorious male lion to tear the cubs of a conquered male to shreds in order to procreate with the slain male's mate are simply part of the animal sexual experience. So to in a sexualized society--so based on the hierarchy of the dominant force over degraded submission--the various violent excesses, the material fetishism, the desire for peer affirmation are all part of the sexual experience as well. The great animal instinct to promote ones DNA at the expense the hallmark of such a society, and is at the heart of the great bulk of human degradation. As such it is plain to me that such a society is based wholly on sexual degradation:

The need to show dominance over one's meek or unorthodox fellows is sexual degradation

The perversion of justice is sexual degradation

The fetishism of conspicuous consumption is sexual degradation

The ravages of military belligerence are sexual degradation

Quiet submission to a global policy of genocide is sexual degradation

Having explored this, I must conclude that it is better for the individual to confine one's desires, kinks and quirks to the privacy of one's domestic solitude, rather than expressing them through one's many societal interactions.


  1. First I love your posts,I emphatically agree with you. Every great societie's fall can be traced to decadence of morality and lack of empathy. Sexual content is in every aspect of our lives and all boundaries have been broken. I guess while people are preoccupied with it, our government feels free to act as it sees fit. Are we children asked to watch cartoon to be kept out of the way?

  2. A post about animals and sexual behavior... I like that.
    There are swinger clubs and other funny places where you can share your kinks and quirks with other kinky individuals, so you don´t have to be alone. But there are still countries where you are condemned to death because of being gay.

  3. sexual animal style? whether it is

  4. To relate human sexuality to other animal's sexuality is a fallacy in itself.

    Human culture before agricultural society was mostly about socializing rather than sex. Marriages and this dominant form of hierarchical relationships that you describe here didn't exist.

    Human sexuality is different than other forms of sexuality in this way. It isn't to just "dispense DNA." We have larger genitals and perform sex for pleasure rather than reproduction. Which is unique amongst animals found in the animal kingdom. We are also one of only a few animals to have female genitals oriented towards the front of the body (and consequently face to face sexual intercourse, which is personal and social rather than dominating.)

    Another simple test, is to think about the amount of times that a human being on average (throughout history, including during the times that you are romanticizing of catholic sexual repression) have sex and how often that leads to actual reproduction. Probably about 99% of the time it doesn't. Sex, of course, I mean here in the general sex to include things outside of vaginal intercourse. But even vaginal intercourse "pull out method" and rudimentary condoms have been around for thousands of years.

    The "dominant" nature of sexual relations truly came from the institution of marriage. Where men in any part of history would sometimes literally kill, and often at least disgrace and exile, their wives for committing adultery while they had sex with whomever they wanted, while claiming to avoid being sexual.

    Essentially, the very basis of your argument, that human sexual relations are based on control and dominance are not at all related to human sexuality. There is a wealth of literature on this subject from anthropologists and biologists. Consequently, that showing kinks and such lead to any sort of "degradation" via some natural dominating characteristic of human sexuality is very flawed.

  5. you rather missed the point--that being that most societal intercourse is carried out in order to merely pass on DNA (the brute animal form of sexuality) at the expense human relationships and well-being, and that as such constitutes the true immorality




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