Friday, March 9, 2012

Fuel for Superstition

A man whose only hope is hereafter
conditioned from youth for this disaster
Sweat pour down as he walks to his fate.
moving stiffly; his chest bound with stiff tape,
through what some call Holy Land; some Zion.
Whose enemies turned his body into a bomb.

Abandoned conscience for the sake of mission.
A soul tormented by distorted visions.
A life discharged like ammunition.
More fuel for superstition!

Propaganda proclaims God and nation.
Young minds fed ceaseless indoctrination
accept their fate in a foreign land,
to profit the cunning, cowardly man.
Stone slabs pay homage to Kings' bishops' pawns.
Sacrificed upon the alter of Mammon

Abandoned conscience. Prostituted mission.
To fulfill vainglorious politicians.
Young lives consumed like ammunition.
More fuel for superstition!

How long must humanity hang upon this cross of atrocity.
Repressed bodies close minds to just reciprocity,
fueling the inferno below with zealous ferocity.
Our descent reaching terminal velocity

Once the struggle of distorted visions
finally ends this cycle of attrition.
Mankind consumed like ammunition.
Spent fuel for superstitions!


  1. Written with sincere and fierce conviction. It would be a miracle, wouldn't it, if all this madness finally came to an end.

  2. wow, man, this is right on. i would like to share this with my older sister...would that be ok with you?

  3. Well done, this really hits the nail on the head.




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