Saturday, June 16, 2012

Industrial Homicide

Deep water, oil well
Drilling halfway down to hell
they broke the law and workers died
Industrial homicide!
The same standard that applies to you and me
should apply to the captains of industry
Prison if our negligence leaves another dead
For them a golden parachute instead.

They break the laws and people die
Industrial homicide!
No vengeance for innocent blood
A sacrifice for the common good

A proud laborer nears his death
Now his hardest labor, every single breath
Made his living without causing trouble
by the sweat of his brow and a tear-off shovel
He had work ethic and misplaced trust
They never told him what was in the dust
A filter mask and his life would be saved
Instead that work ethic dug his grave

We have a right to know, but evil ones lie
Industrial homicide!
No vengeance for innocent blood
A sacrifice to the common good

A homestead family flees from doom
Death lurks in the manure lagoons
Their water rights were established first
Now left with poison to quench their thirst
Their petitions to be free from harm
only attract goons from the industrial farm
County commissioners paid to preside
over industrial homicide!
There is no rule of law anymore
Just a machine to churn the gore

All around, the neighbors died
Industrial homicide!
No vengeance for innocent blood
sacrificed for the common good

How many more must die
before we punish industrial homicide?
If our servants can't be made to legislate
time build a shaving mill and reciprocate!


  1. I also wonder when corporations will stop flourishing on the blood of its employees. I once stayed with an Indonesian tribe in the jungle that less than a year later was slaughtered famously with flamethrowers from helicopters, so the first growth forest could be illegally harvested, and yet the company, Asian Pulp & Paper, still makes great profits each year.

    They have even expanded over recent years across the globe with their ill gotten money, even into my home country of Canada.

    What a world we live in.

  2. I fully concur with the intent and sentiments of the outpouring. What has always baffled me though is why Bolshevism failed so terribly?

  3. Bolshevism failed because all the economic and political power was in the hands of an elite few...




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