Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Decade of Decalogue

 (A remembrance of the ideas that characterized the mid 1990's through the mid 2000's)

Come with us and worship the Lord of Hosts they say
We meet here before class every morning to pray
But don't stop to read what the scriptures really say
Like lord's order: wipe out the Amalekite race
Kill the men, women, children, and even wee babes
What could a moral person do but recoil in shock
No Lord of Hosts, but instead lord of holocausts

I'm the gov'nor of Texas, won'cha vote for me
I reckon we share a sense of morality
We both know earth's been 'round but 60 centuries
We'll invade Babylon to fulfill prophecy
I know during my life the world will cease to be
Since the end is near, there's no need to count the cost
For waging war pleases the lord of holocausts

Elect those for democracy's usurpation
Because this world must be one of domination
For scripture tells that there must be a tribulation
to winnow the grain, from that chaff which must be burnt
Multitudes will suffer fates we equally earnt
We'll be saved for serving as apologists ought
Tried to warn others about the lord of holocausts

We await the day the sun be turned to darkness
waiting anxiously till the moon be turned to blood
humanity will be tread as in a winepress
with gladness we wait, for the terrible day of the Lord

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