Sunday, October 20, 2013

Death by Misadventure

Hanging about in the graveyard of empires
We start to wonder how we got here.
It happened through adventurism.
And public apathy in the face of fear.

Our taxes went to training the zealots
On the plains of Afghanistan
Even the one called the Ace of Spades
In those days he was our man

The enemy of our enemy
Was our friend, we were seeing red
Years later that adventurism
Left thousands in lower Manhattan dead.

Death... by misadventure
Self infliction is tragedy
Death by misadventure
Another lesson for history

After adventurism burned us
Nothing left to do but double down
Another bad friend from the eighties
Season ripe to reap what we'd sown

We fought for freedom of the Iraqi people
Shiites to cut their sons on the head
Kurds free to circumcise their daughters
With just hundreds of thousands left dead

Death... by misadventure
Decider created anarchy
Death by misadventure
Another lesson for history

After many years of adventure
There is trouble down at treasury
Debt piled up like stockpiles of swords
When what's wanting are plowshares and seed

Seems the experiment's come full circle
From the blood of the Bourbon king
Whose adventurism sealed his demise
And gave birth to this murderous spree


  1. "The enemy of our enemy was our friend." Seems to be the central fact of history. One wonders what "friend" will be our enemy tomorrow, and what "enemy" our friend.

  2. Wow, John, this is really good stuff.




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