Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Outer Darkness

Don't trust the commercial lie that its controversial
We were born morally upright even from the very start
As highly evolved mammals, we're empathic animals
One might say that nature's law was written upon our hearts

Until a few random defects spawned the odd psychopath
Hatched civilization as so many sinister plots
Took advantage of innocence, taught pack intolerance
nurture passed down misanthropy until love was forgot

Superstition burning behind an impregnable door
Powering the engine for unconscionable horror
Their machine separated mankind on it's threshing floor
When it broke the common bond they called the product war
a cacophony rising up as gears churn out the gore
Why must those teeth keep gnashing evermore!?!

It came to the attention of those who pulled the levers
That even superstition left bonds that need be severed
To thresh them more thoroughly they needed turn the tables
Infused superstition with egotistical fables

Dropped just enough crumbs to entice a clamor for status
saddled us with weight of the world, then said "call me Atlas!"
For the cost of your life you you might ascend one rung of rank
If you enjoy life perpetually guarding your flank

Lustful hubris burned behind a brightly glowing red door
Boiling the steam for their unimaginable horror
To exchange devalued beings upon their trading floor
Ever pitting man against man and wagered on the score
A cacophony rising up as gears ground down the poor
Why must those teeth keep gnashing evermore!?!

Chemicals helped keep the moving parts lubricated
Because even cogs had consciences to be placated
To turn a deaf ear as spilled blood cried out remonstrances
So that we might pretend not to all be accomplices

As machinery aged, fear and greed were not still sufficient
They found incendiaries volatile but efficient
Eventually the machine couldn't handle the stress
Cogs fell apart amid an unrecognizable mess

The inferno spread outward unrestrained by the great door
Science foretold plainly that indescribable horror
Warnings issued in vain for mere cogs were bound to ignore
Ashes fell from the sky and creosote lapped at the shore
Night and day became blackness like never before
At least those teeth aren't gnashing.. anymore...

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  1. "Nature's law was written upon our hearts"...yes, I agree. Enjoyed this, Agit.




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