Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Angel of Death

To Earth we fell
to reap it well
took an Eden
Rendered it to hell

We made up reasons
to give up innocence
So clean and sterile
that nothing lives within

Angel of Death
I see his face in the mirror
Couldn't see before
but the my vision looms clearer

We tried new orders
In myth we have reveled
Search for something more
on the quantum level

Where's this soul
Where's goodness of heart
Shining beacon light
We split atoms apart

Angel of Death
I see his face in the mirror
The vision is plain
Mission completion is nearer

We comfort ourselves
with elaborate lies
Pretend there's a light
we can't see with our eyes

Separate from the beasts
In evil we found meaning
Civilization our name
for entropy increasing

Angel of Death
your only power's decision
now that the vision is plain
time to abandon your mission

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